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Charm City Run has been an amazing journey for our whole family, and it has become another much larger family. Kara and I opened Charm City Run more than 21 years ago and it has been the thrill of a lifetime. Getting to go to work with the opportunity to change a life for the better is such a privilege and a responsibility. Our first goal was to have one successful store. It seemed like that took a long time and there was plenty of self-doubt and I know family members wondered what we were doing with our lives. We were not always sure, but we believed in the run. We believed in Baltimore, and we believed that if you care people come back.

Our mission is to inspire and move the human spirit one sole at a time. I love this statement. First there is a mission beyond selling stuff and the first mission has nothing to do with product or sales. We want to inspire. It is a lofty goal, but we have a humble and perhaps ignorant belief that we can do this every day. To move. When people move, they are better versions of themselves, better workers, but more importantly better friends, partners, brothers, sisters, and parents. There is a spirit within you, and it takes some care. We want to move that spirit to a happier place. The sole is the product and offers us the opportunity to start talking.

The people that have built this thing are not perfect, just like you and me, but they are decent and caring and getting to know and hopefully mentor them has been the greatest joy of my life outside of my own family. They have made me better professionally and personally and I hope you have enjoyed their company as well.


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