Katherine Gavin

Katherine has been a member of the ultra-trail-running community for almost 25 years, but only recently as a participant. She supported many friends and family as a long-time cheerleader, volunteer, and crew. With a lofty goal to complete a 50K for her 50th birthday, she joined the CCR Timonium Ultra Trail training group for the 2021 HAT Run 50K. 

The training group not only provided the plan, support and confidence to complete that 50K, but the camaraderie, friendship and inspiration to embark on a shared challenge. Over the next three years, with CCR training groups, Katherine completed seven 50K’s, a 100K and her first 100-mile trail race.

Katherine views coaching as a way to help new trail runners discover the joys of nature and “conversational pace”, offer a fun and rewarding season to veteran ultra-runners, and support anyone wishing to achieve (otherwise impossible) goals with the right plan, approach and attitude. 

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