Stefanie Smith

Annapolis 5K / 10K Training Coach

Originally a Seattle native, Stefanie has moved around the country as an Army spouse. Now settled here in Maryland, she wanted to make her new state feel like home. She sought a job at Charm City Run, after having a great experience shoe shopping and attending a community event.

In her childhood, Stefanie never would have imagined that she would have a passion for running and fitness. Sports? No way! Running? Never! She didn’t even run one consecutive mile until the age of 31, after deciding to sign up for a race as a way to bond with her then deployed spouse. During this time, she also pursued an education in fitness. She received an AA in Exercise Science and she holds certifications from both ACE and NASM, as well as a Level 1 CrossFit certification.

She has worked with athletes that range from active duty service members, to retirees, to those looking to run their first 5k.

“I remember completing my first 5k, and the joy it brought me. The moment I changed from thinking I could never be a runner, to realizing I WAS a runner. I want to share that joy with others and help them find the same confidence. I have completed every distance through and including the marathon, but I love having fun with the 5 and 10k. We make it a family affair.”

In 2022, she had a cardiac procedure that almost ended her running, but with time and patience she has been able to get back to enjoying the sport she loves.

Stefanie and her Husband have four kids, two dogs, three cats and an abundance of running shoes.

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