Cody Miles

Meet Cody Miles – a runner whose last name couldn’t be more fitting! He finds running to be an invigorating sport where he can push his physical and mental limits individually, or within the broader Baltimore running community. Having run and raced almost everything under 13.1, when his wife crossed the finish line for her 25th marathon, Cody thought, “Hey, it’s time to catch up!”

But running isn’t his only gig. By day, he’s a high school chemistry teacher, entertaining and stimulating young minds with science awesomeness. And after he hangs up the lab coat, he throws on his favorite trainers and coaches cross country and track. Running is a passion for Cody, and he loves sharing it with anyone who has even the slightest desire to lace up their shoes and pound the pavement. Coach Miles hopes you’ll share some miles with him soon. 

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