Shannon Faryna

Hi! I’m Shannon and I am so excited to be the mighty milers coach for the Rehoboth Beach area! I have a passion for running and have been a runner since I was in high school! It all started sophomore year when my gym teacher (who was also the track and field coach) saw me running during gym class and told me she thinks I should join the track team… I thought she was crazy, and now here I am.. 

I have ran countless 5ks, 9 half marathons and I just truly have a love for running! I run for fun, I run for sanity(I have 4 kids!!) and I just run bc I love to run. Sounds crazy huh? Maybe to some! 🙂

Whether your child loves running, isn’t sure about it, but wants to try, never ran before, slow, fast, come join me!!

Nothing warms my heart more than being able to introduce kids at a young age to running. 

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