Scott Kelly

Timonium Trail Training Coach

My first time crossing the mat at a small local 5K race was in 2013. I remember my happy disbelief at the sight of so many people, having so much fun, so early in the morning.
For a few years, I figured jogging alone around a track every few weeks would give me the same kind of kick, but it never stuck. Finally I joined a Charm City Run training group at the end of 2017, hoping for a fun outlet during a very difficult time in my life. I wanted to stick to 5K, but throughout 2018, peer pressure and a growing circle of friends got me to think about longer distances.
My first half marathon was a trail race on a snowy and icy morning in early 2019 – a stark contrast to my first road half marathon, which came a few weeks later along a sunny beach-side course. Three months later, though, I was told I had Stage 4 blood cancer, and made up my mind to continue to hike, trot, fumble, and even run, ticking off four more half marathons during my treatment. It was then that the genuine humanity and positivity of the running community shone for me… from the friends and coaches I’d already met, to the strangers I continued to meet on the run. Running became a way to stay centered, stay positive, and continue to find pieces of strength during a new phase of my life.
Once I was declared to be in remission, my attitude towards running shifted even further. Whether slow, fast, quiet, hectic, focused, grinding, or smooth, every new run was a chance to celebrate being alive, see new sights, experience movement, and unearth gratitude. These open-minded, humble, grateful thoughts helped gravitate me towards like-minded folks in the trail-running community. Since 2019 I’ve completed 2 trail marathons, 4 ultramarathons, and numerous smaller races. The trail community is fun and heartfelt, and your speed matters much much less than your spirit of adventure. I’d welcome you to join me to explore trails, get muddy, get lost (not very), and experience another side of running. Onwards!

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