“Why I Run” by Doreen Walsh

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Once upon a time – sounds like it might be a fairy tale but it is all true;

Please listen to my story from last year – it can happen to you.


My family was organizing for all the girls to ‘group run’ in the BWC 5K,

Sounds fun – but I was middle age and overweight – truly dismayed!


I had barely exercised in twenty years and needed a real solution,

I clicked online, found CCR and the Run Happy Revolution!

Bobby_Litz Boordy.jpg

Showing up at the first meeting alone was difficult and intimidating,

But then I met Coach Bobby – he was super friendly and motivating.


And though everyone was different, the whole group was just like me:

Wanting to get in shape, learn to run, and be the best they could be.


We learned about the program, stretched, even walk-ran a mile;

Still wasn’t sure I could do it, but I left with a personal goal and a smile.


I just kept ‘showing up’ for the training and I slowly felt stronger,

Could make it through the workouts and gradually run longer.


The group was supportive and bonded while training in all sorts of weather;

We rooted for each other – it was exciting to see us all improve together.


 Over the months, I trained hard to push my goals forward without getting hurt,

And I couldn’t wait to use my discount on new running socks and shirts!


Guests taught us about foam rollers, injuries, nutrition and vitamin pills;

We ran on school tracks, on local trails, and up a very, very special hill.


Not only did I complete the BWC 5K, my running group was the best,

We ran the Boordy, the 9-11, and our fav – the Columbia store’s Octoberfest!

When I started, I knew it would be lots of work, but didn’t realize it could be so fun,

Thanks to Coach Bobby, the people in my group, and everyone at Charm City Run.


So if you know anyone that wants to get in shape – through working out and laughter,

Encourage them to sign up in 2017 – and like me, they can live run-happily ever after. 

Thanks for sharing your amazing running story with us, Doreen! If you are interested in starting your own journey, please join us for our Running 101 Clinic on January 25th or register for the next session of Run Happy Revolution. Who knows, soon it could be you writing poems about how much you love running!

Have your own running story that you’d like to share? Email blog@charmcityrun.com.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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