How To Start Running – Advice from Someone Who’s Been In Your Shoes

Friday, February 3, 2017

You might think as the manager of a running store, and coach of running groups, that I am one of those people who always ran, or for whom running came easily.  Not quite.  I did not love running when I started doing it regularly – sometime halfway through college when the freshmen 15 found me, twice.  I have a notoriously type B personality as evidenced by the state of my car, desk and room at any given moment- so when I started running it took some time (ok, a long time) for me to develop a groove, but I have developed some grit and discipline over the years that helped me become the dedicated runner I am today. If you’ve read anything I’ve posted previously about running after a baby you know that being a “dedicated runner” has changed a lot in meaning for me over the years. In any case– my point is, that even every runner started somewhere, so kudos to you for taking the first steps.



Friday, February 3, 2017

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