Run Happy Revolution Training: Day 1 in the Books

Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Run Happy Revolution 5K Group in Columbia (Melissa is training in Timonium). There's still time to join!

Our Run Happy Revolution 5K Group in Columbia (Melissa is training in Timonium). There’s still time to join!

I am a twenty-two year old ex-high school 3-sport athlete, and I have never run more than one mile straight in my life. Sprints, lifting, light jogs, 1-mile runs; those are the exercises I’m used to, so the thought of completing a 5K in anticipated cold weather was embarrassingly intimidating to me. With that being said, when the opportunity presented itself for me to be a part of this new 5K program, I was more than eager to jump on board. Not only is it motivation for me to break my college-induced love for spending my free time on the couch, but also it’s my open door to learning how to love running. After all, I do work for a running store!

Leading up to my first day of training I knew very little about the program. All I knew was that it changed people’s lives. When the first email from my coach, Michele, popped up outlining our daily workouts and providing detailed information about the program I was relieved to say the least. More direction. More motivation. More of a reason to get off the couch – awesome.  

My first day finally rolled around, and I still cannot work out why I was so nervous, but I’m pleased to inform everyone that all of those nerves subsided when I showed up to the Timonium store. It must have been a result of the immediate hit of energy and positivity pouring out of Michele, and the other runners, and probably the fact that I realized how dramatic I was for fearing a 1-mile timed run. All I know is I stepped into the store, and my nerves turned to excitement!

All in all it was a great first night meeting Michele, and experiencing first-hand all of the amazing things I heard about her training leading up to the introduction. We all talked, stretched, turned on our night-running gear, and we were off. I felt comfortable keeping a pace in between the two large groups in front of me and behind me. In hindsight, that might not have been the best idea. I lagged behind a little more, and before I knew it I lost sight of the runners ahead. Well, in classic Melissa Macaluso fashion, I got lost. Once I made my way back Michele was quick to remind me how great of a story it would make for my first training blog, and she was right. This may sound strange, but I think it was the little mess-up that really made me feel comfortable. “Yeah I got lost, and look; I lived to see another day!”

Now that my worries have subsided I’m feeling nothing, but excitement for the rest of the program, and I know I’m one step closer to crushing the Shamrock 5K come March. Bring on week #2!

About the Author: Melissa Macaluso

Melissa is a senior at Loyola University and our Marketing Intern. This Spring, we talked her into joining the new Run Happy Revolution 5K Training program and blogging about her experience. Keep track of Melissa’s experience training here!


Monday, February 8, 2016

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