Calling All New Runners: Here’s Some Helpful Advice!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Making the decision to take on running not only as a form of staying fit, but as a hobby can be intimidating. Whether you discovered your love for running at an early age, or decided to give it a shot later on in life, it is safe to say that some advice, and answered questions could have been very helpful to get you going in the beginning. 

We here at Charm City Run wanted to open up the floor to our awesome running community on social media to ask “What advice would you give to a newbie runner?” The responses flooded into Instagram and Facebook, and there were tons of great tips, reminders and positive words to help encourage our new community members. By opening up the conversation, we hope to calm the nerves and boost the confidence of all the newbies out there!

Here are some of the awesome responses we got:

“Running is self controlled and self paced, one of the few things you have complete control over how much better you get regardless of skill level”

“As a runner you have your really good days and you’ll have your really bad days when you want to stop and scream because your run is going badly. However, don’t let those bad days dictate who you are as a runner. Those runs are going to test you and the great runs are your reward. That is what it’s about to be a runner.”

“Running is a skill just like throwing a baseball. Learn how to do it right early on so you can experience more success!”

“One of my number one suggestions is to have patience with yourself! Many times we are so focused on that long term goal, that we forget to celebrate the mini milestones and goals. Don’t get mad at yourself for being “slow” or not being able to run “far.” It is all relative. Just remember that it will take time to build up to where you want to be. Be proud of each new thing you accomplish, but also know that setbacks and bad workouts will happen. Physically you may grow from the good runs and workouts, but mentally you will grow from the bad ones.”

“Don’t obsess over the person that’s faster than you or seems to be able to run with ease ! Slow and steady finishes the run !”

“I urge you to try and find a local running group or workout buddy. This really depends on the type of person you are, but I personally struggled (and continue to struggle) to get in my runs on my own. Having other people to depend on whether it is to talk your ear off while on a longer run, hold you accountable to actually show up or even just to email and chat with about your good and bad workouts….I cannot stress the power of doing it with someone else. When I started running, barely any of my close friends would try and run with me….now, some of my best friends are the people I met in my running group at Charm City Run!!!”

“Go to Charm City and get fitted for the right shoes! While your there ask about how to hydrate and fuel. Tom Mansfield saved my running habit 5 1/2 years ago with those tips.”

Last, but certainly not least, “Have fun. 

For all the newbies out there, we hope you find comfort in these posts. REMEMBER: this is a community and we all thrive off of the positive energy and encouragement we give each other. Embrace it, and use it as fuel to remind yourself that you will reach your goal if you put your mind to it and commit yourself.

Good luck!




Friday, February 19, 2016

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