Frederick Runner of the Month: Jim Treece (September 2015)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This month it was almost a no-brainer who we should showcase for the month of September, Jim Treece a truly respectable and humble runner in the Frederick area. Most of you who frequent the trail scene may know of Jim but what you don’t know he has finished over 41 ultras and 11 of those are 100 mile finishes. One of the great characteristics about Jim is he simply runs for one reason, for fun!
Going into 2015, Jim carried with him two dreadful “DNF monkeys” on his back, one from the C & O 100 and another at Eastern States 100. In true “Jim Treece style” he came back with more determination and grit than ever before and experienced a sweet little think called redemption. With an incredible finish time at C &O in 21:38 and getting that second monkey off his back Eastern States 100 last month he is now two belt buckles wealthier.
These two difficult races weren’t his only accomplishments this year, he also decided to squeeze in a stellar finish at Massanutten Mountain 100 in May, just 28 days after C & O 100.
After a rewarding finish at Eastern last month, Jim gears back up for yes, another 100 in October (Oil Creek) and to top it all off the Daytona 100 in November less than month after OC.
If you are trying to do the math on this my friends… that is 5-100’s in 6 short months!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Not only is Jim efforts truly inspiring but if you get a chance, go out for a run with this guy.

 I like to say “a run with Jim always makes it a good day.” His interest in food, traveling, theater, running, movies, animals, nature and even birthday cake accompanied by his clever sense of humor will keep the conversation going for hours. Running with Jim simply makes the hours and miles click away.
So, let’s get to know Jim– our September Runner of the Month!

How did you first get into running? 
I think it was 1995 and I saw a sign for a local 5K in Frederick “Garrett’s 5K Run/Walk” and thought I should give that a try.  I had a great time and was hooked. Soon after that I wanted to try a marathon before I turned 30 and was too old to run any more.
What is your favorite distance to run? 100 miles
We all start with being able to run 1 mile. To have a goal of running 5 – 100’s in year is just crazy talk. (Coming from an ultra runner herself.) Does it still seem unbelievable that you have set such a goal for yourself?

It wasn’t my goal at the beginning of the year. I originally planned on doing 3 but a day before C&O Canal 100 a spot opened in MMT100. It was scheduled 21 days after C&O but several friends were doing both so I jumped at the opportunity and signed up.  The third 100 of the year was Eastern States which I had to do so I could redeem myself after dropping last year at mile 78. It was a tough but great race.  The final 2 for the year are Oil Creek 100 in October and Daytona 100 in November.  If I complete them all it will be 5-100’s in 6.5 months. A year ago I would have thought no way but once I obtain a goal I realize I need a new tougher goal.  There are always 200 mile races.
What is your highest mileage week you’ve had in your training?

I have hit 95 miles per week a few times.
With all this running it’s hard to believe you ever struggle with motivation… What do you tell yourself when you are having an unmotivated day?

I think of a difficult/low point I had in a recent race and tell myself I could have prevented that from happening if had just trained harder. I also like a quote I heard during Scott Jurek ‘s Appalachian Trail speed record, his pacer asked him “Do you want to sleep or do you want to set the record”.  So I ask myself do I want to be lazy today or do I want to crush the next race?
What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever come across while running?

A Porcupine, middle of the night in the pouring rain. I love animals and wanted to spend hours watching him but I had a race to finish.
What is your favorite piece of running gear?

Headlamps, you can’t have enough headlamps.
What’s your favorite race? 

Hard to pick a favorite race. I have fond memories of the Vermont 100, it was my first hundred and both my brothers crewed for me.
What was the best race/run you’ve ever had and why?

Wasatch 100, It is considered one of the hardest races so I was nervous at the start but I had a great day and never had any low points.
What is the best advice you would give to someone who is just starting out in running or trying to decide on running further distances?

Stop thinking about it and do it! Never be afraid to attempt a distance you have never done before. The worst that can happen is you don’t finish.
One last question, what is your favorite post race meal? (even though I thinkI know the answer to this one
Victory Tacos, I am not allowed to have them unless I finish. It is a great motivator.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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