“Why I Run” by Alex Harris

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Runners are often asked “Why do you run?” The usual answers entail health, weight loss/management, for a challenge, etc. And this is true for my answer to. I run for all these reason, but I run for so much more.

Up until a few months ago, these all would have been my answer. I would have gone on to elaborate how upping the distance each time has provided a new challenge, or that I lost over a 100 pounds through running. But we’ve heard those stories, and to some point, all runners have gone through them. With my most recent accomplishment, I have come to realize that my reason to run goes much deeper than that. What is it that makes me want to push myself to run longer and further, to push the pace, to push myself beyond my limits?

I have one word response to that: passion. I have come to realize that I have developed a deep bond with running. One the courses through my veins and causes me to crave more and more each time. I recently ran a 50k that tested me in ways I never thought possible. I discovered what it was to push yourself beyond what you thought you had left to give. I laughed and smiled the entire time. I was truly excited to run. Although the course was tough, due to weather conditions, I smiled and pushed my way through. At the end, and still today, my only thought is when can I do that again?

Confucius one said (ha, you like that?!) “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” While running isn’t my job, it is my hobby, my sport, and part of my life. I don’t run because it’s good for me or I need a challenge; I run because I can honestly say with 1000% certainty I enjoy it!

Trail running and ultra running saved me. I was ready to leave a sport that had become boring. But with a little bit of the help from a great community and some hard work, I rediscover my passion. I don’t know what the future holds for me as a runner, but I do know that right now I will enjoy going down the windy, hilly, curving, rocky trail that is running ultras.

Until next time folks,

The Average Joe Trail Runner

About the Author: Alexander Harris

I am the self proclaimed Average Joe of trail running. I am not fast or elite, but I enjoy it passionately. I have my sights set high wanting to run my first 100 miler next year, and completing 4 ultras this year. In my spare time when I am not running, I enjoy photography and am working on bettering my skills to start producing my own running vlogs and documentaries. Feel free to follow my adventures on my blog at averagejoetrailrunner.wordpress.com.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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