The Live. Give. Run. Foundation: Shopping Local Makes a Difference

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

By Josh Levinson, Charm City Run Founder and Owner

Thanks for the privilege of introducing our Live. Give. Run. Foundation.  The creation of this 501c3 and the branding of the foundation is a continuation of what you have been helping us do for the past 19+ years.  One of the best elements of hanging around for two decades is that you get to work with some great people.  Two of those individuals informed me it was time to formalize our giving with an actual foundation and a name.  To date Charm City Run has donated over a million dollars to local non-profits.  This amount does not include the $500,000 annually that Charm City Run Events helps local non-profits raise through their own races as well as the over $400,000 Charm City Run has raised for the Run to Remember Fund. 

With this history, our annual giving and how important these efforts are to our Charm City Run Nation, the Director of Charm City Run Events Will Murdoch and the named that-minute Director of the Live.Give.Run Foundation Kate Fenwick, helped to create a 501c3 so we could take the next step in being the organization we want to be.  Combine that with a newly minted and experienced Director of Marketing and here we are.

However, the designation of the Live. Give. Run. Foundation would not be possible without you.  Charm City Run would not be in existence unless shopping local mattered.  We believe that one of the many reasons people choose to shop local is to patronize businesses that support the community in which they live.   

We love Baltimore.  This is our home.  Our home has grown a bit in 20 years to as far south as Annapolis, as far north as Bel Air and as far west as Frederick. We are proud of what we have given and our efforts to make this home a better place.  But we also want our giving numbers to double in the next 20 years.  Runners have goals and we need a PR.  Thanks for helping to make this happen.  Charm City Run always recognizes that you are who make it all possible. The Live. Give. Run Foundation is not a start, it is a continuation, and a promise and a thank you.  The Live. Give. Run spirit is alive and well in Charm City Run Nation.  Thanks for letting it affect you as well.





Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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