Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Thanks to New Balance, a group of Charm City Run team members will be training and running the New York City Marathon together on November 6, 2022. Leading up to the race, each member will share a blog post describing why they are running, how training is going, and what it means to run a marathon as a Charm City Run team. Jenny Gontasz, Charm City Run Bel Air Team Member, shares her perspective on preparing for the New York City Marathon.

Imagine having 5 kids-ages from 15-7, 4 different schools, 2 cats, and a puppy coming this week, if that doesn’t make you want to run to clear your head-then I don’t know what will!  I love my life-It’s fun, busy, and happy. 

Running has always been a big part of my life.  I took my first steps at one of my dad’s races at the Inner Harbor.  I played soccer because I could run up and down the field for 90 minutes, and ran track in high school.  Running took a back seat during college and early 20s because I was enjoying life to the fullest.

Fast forward to baby #2 and having watched my sister run 3 marathons-I knew it was my time to try longer distances.  My dad finished 7 marathons, with his favorite being the Marine Corp and an impressive 3:20 finish time.  (I’ll most likely never be that fast!)  I struggled at first with shin splints and injuries but have since completed 25 half marathons, 7 marathons, and 3 50ks.

In the fall of 2018 I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw that Charm City Run Bel Air was hiring.  I didn’t hesitate and immediately applied.  I was going through a difficult time and even managed to break my finger the weekend before I started at the store.  I didn’t just break it-I crushed the bone.  Surgery was required, two pins in my finger, and it was my left hand-I’m 100% left handed.  It was quite the experience.  I don’t do anything halfway.  😉

The summer of 2019 I became a certified running coach and have been coaching the half marathon groups since.  The people I have met have become friends and we have a blast while working hard.  

I love to travel and running has been an amazing experience to get to see different parts of the country.  New York is a state that I haven’t run in yet.  When I heard about the opportunity to run the marathon through New Balance-I knew it was an amazing opportunity.  I’ve heard from so many people how amazing the experience is.  Training isn’t always easy with life just being life but is something that I don’t ever take for granted.  My boyfriend-turned FIANCE-as of 5 days ago-is the most amazing support system.  (Luckily the ring fit over my jacked up previously broken knuckle-ha!) Running the race with fellow CCR friends will make the day even more special. 

Thank you New Balance and Charm City Run for allowing me to take part in a once in a lifetime race!

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.”-Katherine Switzer


Wednesday, September 7, 2022

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