A Day in the Life at Charm City Run

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

By: Julia Smyth, Charm City Run Timonium Manager

Working at a running store has many perks, one of them being that you get to talk about completing your long run with people who love hearing about it.

Here’s what my Saturday looks like while being both a part of a Charm City Run Training Group and as working as Charm City Run Timonium’s Store Manager!

  • Wake up and eat breakfast. As my coach, Dawn Litrenta, says “you wouldn’t start a road trip on an empty gas tank, so you shouldn’t start a long run on an empty stomach”. I usually eat a Honey Stinger waffle, any flavor but the cinnamon ones are my favorite.
  • Check my training group calendar to make sure I go to the correct location for our group long run, it varies between places around the Timonium store and around Baltimore. Today’s run was a 10 mile run around the Inner Harbor. It’s pouring outside and I briefly think about getting back into bed, but I have a half marathon to train for and a group of fellow training group members who aren’t getting back in bed. 
  • Head downtown and park at UA Headquarters, meet up with the group and listen as Dawn explains the route and how we have the CCR training group perk of using the UA headquarters showers/facilities and a PT to stretch us after the run.
  • Run 10 miles in the rain with a friend, fueling and taking pictures along the way. For nutrition, Clif Bloks in salted watermelon or margarita flavor are my favorite. 
  • Finish the run, realize how badass it is to run 10 miles in the rain, and shower at UA headquarters, change into clean and dry clothes, check in with the PT about a weird knee twinge (don’t worry, it was nothing serious) and have them stretch me out and then it’s time to head to work!
  • Once I get to work, it’s time to check in with my coworkers, go over any important information, and then greet customers!
  • Work with customers throughout the day, chatting about all things running but also not running. Fitting customers for the perfect shoes, apparel, and nutrition for their running/walking/everyday needs. It’s nice to be able to connect with customers about training, shared interests, people we have in common, or fun places we have visited.

Come see me in Timonium soon! On Saturday, June 15, Charm City Run Timonium will be in its new location at 1313 York Road!


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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