Why Us?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why Us?

This is a challenging question a marketing firm asked us as we embark on some additional marketing efforts. This question gnawed at me and although I know why in my heart, how do we describe it on paper?

Why Starbucks? Yes, the place sells coffee but Starbucks makes it so we want to drink more coffee. The coffee is good. Some say excellent, some say decent, some say below decent, but there is a feeling. There is a vibe, an intangible a pleasantness that makes us want to be there and stop there pretty much on our way anywhere.

Why us…because of us. We sell shoes, lots of them and we have all the gear and the clothes and all the stuff to eat and drink so you do not “bonk”. We know what we are talking about so we can get you in the right shoe and right stuff. I want to emphasize the right stuff, not the most expensive stuff, not the stuff you do not need, just the stuff we think is perfect for you and what you are doing. People here get paid to make you happy and successful not sell you more expensive stuff.

We hope we have the vibe and the feeling. When you walk into a Charm City Run you will be treated with respect and kindness. All runners and walkers are equal. Some of you run one hundred miles in a week and some of you walk one or are trying to. We want to help you get there, wherever “there” is. We want to make your day a little a better by just being human. We want to hear what brought you in. We want to hear about any adversity that is in your way and help you break it down. We want to make you comfortable.

We want to make sure that you know that you can walk that mile or run that marathon. We offer amazing training programs, coached by amazing people that can help you get to the finish line if that is your goal. That is not our only goal. We are inviting you into a family of friendly people that do all different things in real life but they came to train with us, because they needed a push, or some knowledge or they just wanted to meet some new people.

Charm City Run is not a place to just buy stuff (although we hope you do some of that). Charm City Run is a place to be with people, to learn a few things, to feel good, to find some inspiration, TO RUN. Join our family by being fit in shoes, by running an event or by training with us. When you do transact, 1% of your purchase is redirected to a local non-profit that works to improve our environment or help the underserved. Our place matters.

Why us…because we are trying to inspire and move the human spirit in 7 locations 360 days a year, at 130 endurance sporting events, by training 2,000 people and in our community. That’s Why.

We would love to have you join the Charm City Run family. We look forward to meeting you.


– Josh


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Live.Give.Run. Blog

We hope that you find this blog to be a source of training tips, inspiration and community. Our goal is to create a place online for every runner to find the motivation they need to hit the pavement. If you’d like to be a guest contributor, please email us at lauren@charmcityrun.com.

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