Shoes to Charm Your Socks Off: The All New Hoka Kawana

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Each month our Charm City Run shoe experts review a new and different running/walking shoe in a YouTube video series we call “Shoes to Charm Your Socks Off.” Not only do we provide honest, helpful shoe reviews, but we have a blast doing it!

Check out our most recent video featuring the all new Hoka Kawana here. Below we break it down for you if you prefer to read your reviews.

Hoka Kawana:

Retail: $140
Foot type: Neutral
Drop: 5mm
Weight: 10 oz (Men’s Size 9)

The ALL NEW Hoka Kawana, which is named after the Kawana Beach in Queensland, Australia is an all new shoe from the brand. It is really filling in a gap that Hoka has not had in their line-up yet. The Kawana is a road shoe and also a gym shoe recommended for short to mid-distance runs.

The Kawana’s outsole features a wider platform making it a great shoe for lifting at the gym. It’s marbled rubber at the bottom is a lot denser and a little bit thicker than Hoka’s traditional outsoles. This marbled rubber holds up very well and provides a solid grip on the ground.

While Hoka is the king of cushion, the Kawana is has a firmer, denser fit. Adding this firmness to the midsole will help this shoe go the distance. The swallow tail pattern on the back provides a transition for heel strikes along with the strategically placed metarocker towards the front.

Our favorite part of the Kawana is the top sole, which is a super breathable mesh made out of 100% recyclable materials. Plus the high heel counter provides extra security.

In the Hoka line-up, the Kawana fits between the Clifton and Bondi in terms of cushion since it is not as soft and plush but it has the Mach streamlined aesthetic. This is a dynamic all around shoe and while it’s not the lightest weight trainer, it is very durable and sturdy.

The Hoka Kawana will charm your socks off! Check out the Mens Kawana and Womens Kawana at Charm City Run!


Thursday, March 3, 2022

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