Now is the Time to Join a 5K Training Group – It’s Your Year to Shine!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

By Crystal Owens, Bel Air 5K/10K Coach

When was the last time you did something for you? Yes, you, the person who has talked for years about “one day” completing a 5K and says they’ll complete a 5K race “next year” every year. Have I stopped you in your tracks for a moment? Good. Let’s chat…

Whether you run or walk, being a part of a 5K training group means you have set a personal goal you intend on meeting. The 5K group has an option for running AND walking, but guess what….you can mix it up! In the walking group but feel like doing a slow run this week? Awesome! In the running group but are more comfortable doing run/walk/run intervals? Awesome! Have you run a 5K but have a time or pace goal you want to reach? Awesome! There are no rules on how you complete your 5K race and training. No two people are the same so every week you have the ability to personalize your training with guidance from a coach who works off positive vibes and a can-do attitude. 

The 5K training group meets twice a week. On Saturday mornings we go for a run or walk. Starting with one mile, the distance is slowly increased over 6 weeks as you experience different routes to run in the area at YOUR pace. We meet again on Tuesday evenings for a wide-range of exercises that help you with your goal. Both the Saturday and Tuesday meetings are great ways to connect with those who have similar goals and enjoy the camaraderie. Okay, so what about the other five days of the week? You’ll get homework from me plus cues on taking rest and recovery days along with information and tips on nutrition, stretches, hydration, and more.

It’s not really as fun as you make it sound, is it? It actually is! Everything is kept up-beat and positive to coincide with these rules I have: Smile. Be on time. Don’t put your hands on your hips because it signals to your mind that you feel defeated. Smile. Keep your chin up. Be proud of yourself. Stay positive. Did I mention smile? Sure. You can download an app and train by yourself, but nothing replaces the feeling of knowing others look forward to you showing up to crush goals with them. The mutual motivation and support between group members is amazing and is a big part of why runners and walkers keep returning to the group every season. 

Training for a 5K is a continuous reminder that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You will do things you always dreamed of. You will amaze yourself every week. You will finish knowing this year is YOUR year to shine and to inspire and to be a part of a positive movement.  Besides, it’s time you do something for yourself.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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