Mother’s Day Wish List from MRTT

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Catonsville MRTT at this 2016 Under Armour Sole of the City 10K presented by KELLY

Catonsville MRTT at this 2016 Under Armour Sole of the City 10K presented by KELLY

Earlier this week, my husband asked my 3 year old, Zoe, what she was going to get me for Mother’s Day. Without any hesitation, she announced I was getting a BRAND NEW fishing pole. Zoe loves fishing. For me, fishing ranks up there with mornings without coffee or going to the dentist, but, based on her excitement, I think my fate is sealed.   

You, unlike Zoe, may not be prepared with the most perfect gift for Mom, but, don’t worry, we’re here to fix that.  I asked the Catonsville Moms Run This Town group (700+ members strong!) what was on their Mother’s Day wish list and here are the top 5 answers:


Race entries was easily the #1 answer. The Mercy Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K is coming up on June 25th and is the perfect race for beginner or experienced walkers and runners.  With thousands of women coming together, the energy at this race is amazing and encouraging. Plus, from now until May 8th, you can save $25 when you sign up for 2 spots, perfect for Mother/Daughter or Mom-friend/Mom-friend teams (Code BWCMOM2017. Register here.). For a list of all of our upcoming races, click here.

2. Gift Cards

This was the 2nd most popular request because, let’s face it, moms rarely shop for themselves. Luckily it’s easy, and if you’re really in a bind (say it’s Sunday, May 14th…) you can head over to our online shop and send one immediately. Done and done.


It’s a known fact that you cannot have too many socks, particularly if you have small children around who make things magically disappear. The MRTT moms all asked for running and compression socks. Right now, all Balega and Feetures socks are buy 3, get 1 FREE, which makes this gift just a little bit sweeter. 


When buying for a runner, you cannot go wrong with Garmin, and right now these select models are on sale just in time for Mother’s Day:


A number of moms suggested spring apparel, particularly spring tanks and skorts, and asked that it be reflective. That’s probably because the Catonsville MRTT has a large crew that runs daily at 5am, as that’s the time many moms can squeeze it in (Shout out to the “5AM Crazies.” I bow down to you!). Finding warm weather reflective apparel can be a little tricky, but usually the logos on the pieces, such as this tank and skort, give you a little noticeability. There are always blinky lights and vests that can be added to up the anti.  

Thanks Catonsville MRTT for your suggestions and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! 

About the author: Ashley Lines

An alumni of Loyola College and University of Baltimore, Ashley began her Charm City Run career in 2012 as a freelance graphic designer and marketer. In 2014, she came on full-time as the Marketing Director and hasn’t looked back since.

Ashley started running in 2008 when she brought home an energetic husky puppy. After 3 chewed cell phones, 2 pairs of glasses, half a wardrobe and numerous destroyed throw pillows, she began running Cali every morning while her husband, Brad, ran in the evening to tire her out. Now, Cali prefers the bed to the pavement and Ashley tries to squeeze in miles around the hills of Catonsville in between caring for her daughters Zoe and Scarlett.  

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

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