Charm City Run is Running the New York City Marathon: Kelly’s Perspective

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Thanks to New Balance, a group of Charm City Run team members will be training and running the New York City Marathon together on November 6, 2022. Leading up to the race, each member will share a blog post describing why they are running, how training is going, and what it means to run a marathon as a Charm City Run team. Kelly Maurer, Charm City Run Training Programs Director, shares her perspective on preparing for the New York City Marathon.

“Who wants to run the New York City Marathon in November?” We were asked this question at a managers meeting and I could not answer yes fast enough. The chance to run the New York City marathon, to represent New Balance and Charm City Run… this is going to be EPIC.

As one of our marathon coaches, a coaches summer training is fit in when we are not spending time coaching our athletes. Early morning runs, fitting in speed work after the the track session, long runs on Friday, and whatever extra you do on Saturday with the group is just additional mileage that is not part of the plan.

Usually I don’t plan to run a fall marathon for myself, as my summer is dedicated to my athletes. However, this summer was much different. Not only was I training for Chicago from 2019, but to add in New York a few weeks later, this was going to be a great summer of training.

The past few years, I have had the incredible opportunity to run ultra marathons in New York City. While that experience was breathtaking running throughout the five burrows – the crowds were small groups of people every 15 miles or so. The New York City Marathon falls on the opposite end of that spectrum with crowds surrounding the streets at every corner. The energy which emanates from the thousands of supporters is enough to push anyone through 26.2 miles. Now, that is a marathon I look forward to.

Run the mile you are in. That has always been a personal and professional mantra for me. It is what I tell my athletes I am training. It is what I tell myself when I am enduring a tough run. I am looking forward to sharing some miles with my Charm City Run family.


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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