Charm City Run is Running the New York City Marathon as a Team: Tom’s Perspective

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Thanks to New Balance, a group of Charm City Run team members will be training and running the New York City Marathon together on November 6, 2022. Leading up to the race, each member will share a blog post describing why they are running, how training is going, and what it means to run a marathon as a Charm City Run team. Tom Mansfield, Charm City Run COO, shares his perspective on preparing for the New York City Marathon.

The opportunity to run in NYC is one that you don’t say no to. In fact, I think my team knew I couldn’t say no. I missed the meeting where we were polling the crew to see who had interest. I just happened to end up on that list. I’m thankful for that.

Many don’t know this, but I have never run a formal marathon. I have always wanted to but just haven’t. I’ve been out there for countless races and many distances but not the marathon. Mostly I think my hesitation has to do with the idea that I still want to always love running and when you train for a marathon well “you run a lot.” There is a difference between stepping out for a run and running 3 hours in one session. This will be a huge challenge for me and one that I welcome with open arms. Training for any distance challenges the body and mind. We test the limits of ourselves but also we can inspire those around us. The Charm City Run team does this for me each and every day I get to show up to work with them. I want to make sure I show up for them in New York.

I have heard running the New York City marathon is tough to put into words. Those that have run it, that I have talked to, have trouble describing it. That feeling, the electricity in the air, the city. It must be something that you just need to experience for yourself. So, to get the opportunity to experience it for the first time with my CCR team is one that will live up to the hype. I am sure of it.

Thanks to New Balance for creating this opportunity for the CCR team. We are beyond pumped and are excited to hang with the New Balance crew in NYC. In addition, New Balance has also allowed us to award deserving individuals in our communities with entries. These people are incredible and so deserving. Simply put running changes lives. I believe that at my core and the stories from these individuals in particular have inspired me. It’s humbling and an honor to be headed to New York with countless others that have their own inspiring reasons for running.

To anyone out there running New York or another fall race we wish you the best of luck. Put in the miles and go for it. I am with you and the CCR team is with you. We can’t wait to celebrate with you when it’s said and done.

Kathrine Switzer had a great quote when it came to the marathon. “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” I just can’t wait to see this one. See you out there. Let’s go.


Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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