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To Inspire and Move the Human Spirit, One Sole at a Time.

the story

Fifteen years ago we had a marathon training group that consisted of about 5 people.  None were great runners. Some were better than others and experience varied.  It was perfect. Everyone knew we were in it together and everyone and everyone’s goal carried equal weight. Some wanted to break a time and others wanted to finish the impossible.  We were there to help with all of the above.

Times have changed.  We now train several hundred people a season.  The coaching is a lot better, but the goals of our participants are just as varied. Our mission is the same, to simply inspire you to get to your finish line.  The power of the group should not be underestimated.  The most significant inspiration will come from the people with whom you hit the track and roads.  You will befriend runners of similar speed and experience but you will be encouraged by those faster and slower than you.  This is a team and like every successful team it only works if your teammates and coach demand and expect the very best from you.  They will encourage you to be your best and we hope and expect that you will achieve your goals and have an experience second to none.

Running knows no social or athletic boundaries.  Our groups consist of reporters, sales associates, executives, parents, college students, seniors, police officers, firefighters and others.  Once you meet someone at 7am for a run, it makes no difference where you came from or how you got there.  Every person is a little better once the run is over and a lot better once they have completed their goal event. The program has many finishes but its real accomplishment is the lifelong friendships that have been created and the healthy habits that have been cultivated.

our goal

At Charm City Run our goal is to safely train people new or advanced to their goals of everything from finishing their first marathon to reaching a PR and everything in between. The journey is just as important as the race and we want to make it a fun and enjoyable experience which is why we think the group atmosphere is the way to train for a long run. Each group will meet twice a week for 11 weeks to learn about long runs, tempo runs, track workouts, easy runs, recovery runs, hydration, injury prevention, and much more.

We strive to help you achieve your goal safely by a gradual increase in your training.  We give talks on hydration, nutrition, injury prevention, and have physical therapists available during your training to help with your goals. Training plans will be created for beginner and intermediate runners so no worries we have room for everyone. Our groups range from 16 minute milers to about 7 minute milers and everyone in between.

 Our training programs are proudly sponsored by Brooks. Thanks for helping us go the extra mile!

Our training programs are proudly sponsored by Brooks. Thanks for helping us go the extra mile!


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