The Best Playlist for a 1 Hour Treadmill Run

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Since I’m sitting here trying to stay awake until it’s my turn on the treadmill- I thought I would quickly write out my playlist for surviving a midnight run.  By the way- we are running for a cause so if you are inclined- we would gladly accept donations since I think every one of us who is running has been affected indirectly by Leukemia or Lymphoma in some way.

Warm Up – since I have a tendency to start off full steam ahead I try and make sure my first song or two are on the mellower side and then match my pace to that. For tonight these two songs are

  • Ran by Future Islands (local band btw)- good beat but still on the low key side.  
  • Mountaneer- Lord Huron Remix- just generally beautiful to listen to.  It will keep me in check but it progresses nicely.

After that it will be time to get into a groove and pick up the pace.

  • Something Just Like This- The Chainsmokers/ Coldplay (no apologies- I love it.)
  • Roll Up- Fitz and the Tantrums- this is a current fave and so boppy I won’t be able to keep from increasing my speed to match beat

At this point I still have awhile to go, I’ve been up for 19 hours, and I ran 4 miles this morning so it’s time to disconnect a little bit and just run. For this time I’m usually looking for songs with a consistent and steady beat without too much build up or change.

  • Run Boy Run- Woodkid
  • Keep the Car Running- Arcade Fire- this song has been a staple on my running playlist since forever.

By now I’m bored and I’m going to need to do some hills or speed intervals to keep my motivation up. So to change it up from the steady I’ll pick some songs with some big ups and downs for recovery between inclines or sprints.

  • Big Mouth- Santigold
  • Copy of A- Nine Inch Nails

I like to keep a few random belt-out-loud songs in there just in case I want to switch it up.  These don’t necessarily have a cadence that matches a run, but since I like singing them so much they make my run more fun. The people running next to me are definitely going to have a different opinion.

  • Pursuit of Happiness- Lissie (it’s a Kid Cudi cover and I like all versions of this song. NSFW. Except my work on a treadmill at midnight.)
  • Spirit- Wintersleep

And then a few others because an hour is long and I need some more songs

  • Whole Heart- Gryffin, Bipolar Sunshine.  This is a current guilty pleasure and I can’t promise I won’t fast forward straight to it and listen to it 7 times in a row.  For the most part when I like I song I like to play it on repeat 7 times in a row, 3 times a day, until I’ve killed it dead.  (see Ghost by Ella Henderson circa winter 2014)
  • Green Light- Lorde.  Still love it. See above.

I think by now I should be closing in on the last 10-15 minutes and my competitive drive has likely kicked in and I’m trying to beat some arbitrary mileage I’ve decided is respectable. I’m going with songs I know will keep my focused and digging for more.

  • Anymore- Goldfrapp
  • Move Your Body- Sia
  • Howl- Florence and the Machine

And I’m 162% more likely to stretch if there are some less intense songs I’m really digging tacked on to the end.

  • Gimme Shelter- Rolling Stones
  • Hey Now- London Grammar
  • Leaf Off- Jose Gonzalez
  • I Know You Rider- covered by The National

I usually make the list 1 to 2 songs longer than needed since I’ll probably decide I’m not feeling one or two of them and move on. Thanks for listening along. The playlist is public on Spotify. It’s creatively named “treadmill hour” on my public spotify.

Happy Global Running Day.


About the Author: Deirdre Weadock

A Baltimore native and graduate of NDP and University of Maryland in College Park, Deirdre bought her first pair of shoes from Charm City Run while home visiting Baltimore from her job training dolphins in the Florida Keys.  She became a part-time employee and full-time member of the Charm City Run family soon after when she stopped in to replace her shoes.  Deirdre was thrilled to help Charm City Run expand to the downtown location as the store manager and coach of Charm City Run full and middle distance training groups. Over the years of involvement she has been committed to the Charm City Run energy and passion for the running community and she is a well-known face at local events. She loves the downtown fitness community and you can often find her checking out any new local studio or gym, but her favorite spot will always be a run along the Inner Harbor Promenade.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

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