Shoe-Fitting Process

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Building Background

We build background knowledge to find out where you’re coming from. Are you running or walking? How much? Have you had a history of injury? Does anything currently hurt when you run? Do you use an orthotic? Your answers to these questions will help determine our footwear suggestions.

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Footstrike & Video Gait Analysis

We will watch you walk barefoot and in your old shoes and observe the shape of your foot, how your foot is moving, how flexible your arch is, and any mechanical nuances that will indicate to your sales associate the appropriate support level you require.

In many cases runners' and walkers’ biomechanics change with repetition or increases in pace. To ensure a proper fit we need to see you moving on the treadmill. We use an iPad app to film you at your comfortable running or walking pace. We’ll then analyze your foot-strike frame by frame and together determine the support category and type of shoe from which we should select.


Before pulling shoes for you, we need to know your correct size. We will use your old shoes to give us a data point as well as measure you in a Brannock Device. In our experience, many runners and walkers are wearing the wrong size shoe. We use the Brannock device to measure foot length & width first. This tool helps us to focus on foot elongation and width to determine proper sizing. A running shoe should always fit larger than your casual/dress shoe. After determining your correct size, your sales associate will pull three or four pairs for you to try that promise a proper fit, allowing for your foot’s natural lengthening and toe-splay. Now it is up to you. Take the shoes for a spin inside, outside, or on the treadmill, and pick the shoe that is most comfortable. Yes, you can pick the pretty one as long as it is doing what it is supposed to do and feels great. During your “spin,” we will confirm that sizing, support level, and fit are right on target.

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Sometimes during the fit process, it can become evident that you could benefit from an over-the-counter footbed. Your sales associate will also guide you through that fit process and custom cut each insole to fit properly in your shoes.

In summary, the fit process is a team endeavor. We have some analysis to do and your input is incredibly important. Our job is not to pick the shoe for you. We cannot tell you what is comfortable and what is not. Our job is to “shrink the wall.” We have to provide you with a selected set that will all meet the proper fit and support criteria.

We can’t wait to work with you.