Holiday Training Survival Guide

Thursday, November 19, 2020

As it starts to get darker earlier, and the holiday adventures begin, staying motivated with your running training can be a struggle during the winter. I know for me, running in the cold is not a first choice. During the holiday season I start to lose my momentum. But this doesn’t have to happen to you! Here are my top 5 tips for training during the holidays.


1. Plan ahead of time

Whether it’s planning for your next virtual race or just the time of day to workout, planning ahead can help. By setting a date for a future race, you will be encouraged to keep up with a training regime. As it starts to get darker earlier, it’s hard to fit runs in, especially if you only have time at night. Planning your run and workout is crucial to ensure that you meet your goals.


2. Register for a holiday fun run

Fun runs are just that, fun! The holidays are a time to have fun and what better way than to put them together. This also gives you a chance to go running with some family. With all the family traditions that come with the holiday, these events can become a part of that. Check out upcoming fun runs at Charm City Run or plan your own socially distanced fun run with a small group of family and friends. The more festive, the better! What is better than getting in some exercise before all the fun begins?



3. Run/walk with friends

Running with others will motivate you to stay on the path to your goals. Having others around holds you accountable and everyone needs that during these months. Running or walking outside with proper social distancing and face coverings is a great way to catch up with loved ones in a safe way.


4. Join a training group

If you struggle with being consistent during the holidays, joining a training group might be a good option. By taking this step you are making a leap to continue to achieve your goals. The group will hold you accountable and provide structure with group runs/workouts twice a week and weekly training plans to follow. Your coach can help with tips and tricks to continue running during the holidays. Explore upcoming Charm City Run training groups here.



5. Be flexible

Being flexible during these times is essential. The holidays are a time for family and fun. Sometimes you have to make exceptions and changes to your schedule. Being ok with it and taking it as it comes, allows you to enjoy the excitement of the holiday season. Don’t get down on yourself because you missed one training day! Just get back to it the next day. Being present with family will be more memorable than adding in one more run.


I wish you all good luck with your training. Make sure to have fun because that’s what it’s all about. Happy training!


-Written by Amelia Thomas, Charm City Run Intern


Thursday, November 19, 2020

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