Jaci Schuerholz

Fells Point Mighty Milers Coach

Jaci grew up in Harford County, a product of a very sports focused family. She played dozens of sports growing up, but always gravitated toward the running portion of each. After high school, she unsurprisingly made a swift transition from team sports to solo running and found her heart in the marathon.
Jaci ran her first marathon in Baltimore in 2007 and has run 20 marathons to date including the Boston Marathon (her favorite) twice.
Jaci became a mom in 2015 and shortly after had another son in 2016. In 2017 she started working at the CCR in McHenry Row in an attempt to find some quiet time and fuel her passion.
Currently, Jaci lives in Canton with her partner (Josh) and three children (Colt 8, Davis 7, Aria 1) where she spends most of her time momming, running, biking and working at the CCR Fells Point store.
Jaci is ecstatic to have the opportunity to share her love of running with the youth of her community!! GO MIGHTY MILERS!

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