Ultra Marathon Training

winter ultra marathon training

starts december 1st

If you've completed a few marathons and are looking for the next challenge, an ultra marathon maybe the perfect goal for you. At Charm City Run our goal is to safely train the advanced runner to reach his or her goal - from finishing their first ultra to achieving a PR.  Ultra training is a true test your ability to endure and persevere, it is not about the pace or running fast – it’s about pushing your body beyond its limits and not giving up.

Upcoming Groups

Check back for information regarding our winter ultra marathon training.

What to Expect

  • Supported group runs and workouts twice a week with planned routes, refreshments and companionship
  • Weekly training plans
  • Access to expert coaching services and advice
  • Logo training premium
  • Gait analysis with footwear recommendations
  • 10% store discount at Charm City Run and If The Shoe Fits
  • Nutrition, gear and injury prevention education
  Brooks is the proud sponsor of all Charm City Run training programs.

Brooks is the proud sponsor of all Charm City Run training programs.

Word on the Street

"I love the sense of community and support given by the coach and the team itself. And, you can't beat the trails." - Ultra Marathon Training Group Member

"Trail running has opened up a whole new chapter in my running life. Pushing my body to perform in different situations not found on the road, while at the same time, being surrounded by the absolute beauty of nature. Talk about a runners' high. (But don't forget to watch your step.)" - Wendy Gallo, Ultra Marathon Training Group Member

"I loved meeting new runners and how close this group became. We are such a unique group." - Ultra Marathon Training Group Member


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