Fall Maintenance Program

Fall Maintenance Program


This middle distance maintenance group is designed to keep you running through the beautiful end of fall weather with the same accountability you have with one of our traditional groups. It’s an opportunity for those with a November middle distance or full marathon race to keep training with a group, those who completed a fall race to keep running while the weather is gorgeous or if you have taken some time off ramp back up before our winter groups start.

If you are currently working towards achieving a PR, this group is for you! We will do the work in the off-season needed to PR in your upcoming training and race.

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Over the course of the 8-week training program we will meet Tuesday nights for fun and inventive runs that will challenge us in a new way, mixed with some traditional track and hill workouts. Our Saturday runs will focus on longer mileage needed to maintain our current fitness levels or get us back up to hitting those double digits. This group will be a bit more casual yet still challenge your body and mind while bringing the fun. Can’t wait to run with you!

We ask that you have a base level of running under your belt for this group. This includes being able to cover 4 – 5 miles at a time and running 10 – 15 miles a week.

Your training includes the following benefits:

  • Training plan for your level & needs
  • Email access to coaching services and advice
  • Gait analysis with footwear recommendations
  • Supported group runs – route, refreshments, companionship
  • 10% store discount at Charm City Run
  • Nutritional advice and Injury prevention



Training Runs: Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 7:30am

Info Session and First Run: October 22, 2016 at 7:30am

Coach: Ericka Butler

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