Our Sports Bra Fitting Process

Ladies - after your shoes, your sports bra is your second most important piece of running gear and a proper fit can mean the difference between comfortable runs and miserable miles. Our team members are here to help so the sports bra process is as comfortable as your final fit!


Breast pain is one of the leading causes of women stopping a workout regime. Beyond general pain, not wearing a supportive bra can lead to back pain and overall discomfort as well as potential nerve damage. Breasts do not have muscle but without proper support, the skin and ligaments which form the shape of the breast can break down which leads to sagging. Once this has happens there is no bouncing back from it – no pun intended. The goal of wearing a sports bra is to reduce movement and reduce stress on breast tissue and pain.

If you’ve been pulling the same sports bra out of your closet for more than a year - it’s time to break up with your bra and find one that better supports you - your sports bra should never celebrate a birthday.

What to expect

When you stop by for your sports bra fitting, you should plan for about 30 minutes of your time. One of our bra fit experts will start by talking to you about your needs including your current athletic activies, what size & style you are currently wearing and your general likes and dislikes. This will help us determine the level of support (low support for low impact activities and high support for high impact activities) and features (pullover vs. back fasten, compression vs. separate cups, etc) that will work best for you.

From there we will measure both underneath your chest to determine your rib cage measurements and around the fullest part of your chest for your bust measurement. We will use these measurements as a starting point for your cup and band size and recommend a few different sports bras for you to try. Sizes can vary in different styles so we may try a few different sizes and options. We are here to offer advice on a proper fit as you select your favorite(s) that makes you feel your best!

If for some reason we do not have your desired size in stock or you would like multiple colors of the same style, we are happy to place a special order for you - either from another one of our shops or directly from the brands we carry.

What we carry

We are proud to carry sports bra brands including: Anita, Brooks, Nike and Under Armour.

Sizes run from 32A to 44G.

Brand and size offerings vary by store. Our Bel Air, Frederick and Fells Point locations do not carry a full range of sports bras. However, if you make an appointment below , we are happy to provide a selection of sports bras in your size range along with the assistance of an expert bra fitter.

We are always happy to special order sizes & styles for you.

Make an appointment

We are always happy to help you any time you stop by the shop. However, if you prefer to make an appointment to ensure we have someone scheduled to help you & what you need in-stock, please fill out the form below. If you plan to shop for sports bras in Bel Air, Fells Point or Frederick, please use this form to create an appointment. Someone will reply to you within 24 hours to begin setting up your appointment day and time.

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