Siobhan Leonardis

frederick distance coach

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I’m a creative “sole-full” runner working as a multimedia designer, being the best mother, wife and runner I can be with a huge passion for helping the community. I’ve been able to share my creativity and passion for running by designing and volunteering my time at several races in the Frederick community.

In March of 2010, I ran my first marathon - The Little Rock Marathon. My husband John L. (Frederick Store Manager) was training also for his first big race but, it was 50K in the mountains of Little Rock, AR. After having a successful marathon finish, he easily convinced me to run the same 50K the following month. So like any good husband, he bought me a pair of trail shoes and off I went to finish the first of many, many ultra distances. 

Since my first 50k, I’ve had the opportunity to run more than 35 ultra races including distances from 50k to 100 mile races. I’ve even managed to snag a 1st female win in the 50k distance, winning a couple 50 miles races and finishing top 5 in several other ultra races over the years. My running hasn’t always finished on top, I’ve definitely had my fair share of bad races leading me to inevitable DNF. Through it all, good and bad I taken these lessons to learn from, grow and make myself a stronger runner.

Over the past 8 years of running, I’ve learned so much from my running experiences from training to nutrition and hydration, recovery and injury prevention, that coaching and sharing my knowledge with the community couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

I truly believe everyone can achieve their goals. We all have it in us to push our body and mind to reach optimal greatness. We just have to be willing and open to stepping outside our comfort zone to explore the possibilities.

I try to keep this mindset as I train and be a role model for my daughter. Taking her with me on my runs or going out for a long hike with her, not only makes me a stronger athlete but allows me to share my passions with her. So don’t be surprised if you see her out on some of our training runs. :)