Randi Woods

Running has brought me sheer joy, but the opportunity to coach others to their own running greatness has given me sheer LIFE!! 

I am a lover of all things that involve movement. Wherever there is movement there is guaranteed to be change! I have been moving since a young child, starting out with dance and trying other sports along the way, but dance is where I excelled. It wasn’t until 2005 that running became my new “beau”:) In 2005 I found my strong on the pavement while training for my first marathon. Through training and fundraising, I also encouraged and sparked my friends and family’s interest in running. 

Fast forward to 2007, I started an informal Saturday run for sister friends (but of course the hubbies and boyfriends joined) looking to reclaim their sexy…little did they know they would begin to reclaim their sanity, power, inspiration and a whole lot more! That Saturday run inspired many, but one new mother of twins was really inspired so much, that she launched out and became one of the first ambassadors for Black Girls Run!  She asked me to lead the runs and this led to me hosting and coaching midweek and weekend runs throughout the city.  I am happy to say that since then I have coached neighbors, friends of friends, family, and have been a lead coach for the Baltimore Women’s Classic for the last 3 years. The pavement is my church! I often refer to my runs as “Pavement Tabernacle”. Transformation and breakthroughs are abundant in movement on the pavement. 

Come on out and train with me, I guarantee I will give a 110% effort to show up, encourage, and motivate you to CRUSH your goals! All you need is within! I am just around to help pull out all of your greatness! 

It is my heart’s delight to motivate and inspire others on the pavement. 

"You never know who will be inspired by your sweat!”-Randi Elisabeth