Working in the Store


  • Customers should be greeted shortly after they enter the store. A friendly "hello" and/or eye contact with a smile is fine to acknowledge you've seen them. Wait until they seem acclimated and ready to accept help before offering more assistance. 

  • If they have not been to a Charm City Run before, take a moment to explain that we offer a personalized fitting experience and that you are here to help if desired. 

  • Ask them about their history and goals. Questions you would want to incorporate include:
    • What will you be using these shoes for?
    • What aches and pains are you experiencing (if any) right now?
    • What shoes have you used and liked in the past?
    • Anything else you want me to know while I'm fitting you?
  • Offer try-on socks even if they have socks with them.
  • Analyze the customer's foot and gait. 
    • Watch them walk away from you. Get low to do this even if you can see their arch type before they walk.
    • Potentially have them balance on each foot or squat.
  • Explain that you are going to get a few shoes that you think meet the stability needs for their foot.
  • Assist unpacking the shoes and undo the laces creating an easy onto-foot try-on for the customer. Watch them lace up and offer any pointers.
  • Have them tap their foot into the back of the shoe and check on sizing.
  • Confirm your stability selection using the treadmill and the iPad. If the customer is not suited for the treadmill or refuses it- explain that when you are having them walk in the shoes that you are watching closely to assure the shoes support their arch properly.
    • Offer 2-3 shoes that meet their needs.
    • Allow the customer to give feedback and pull other shoes accordingly.
    • Objections are NOT personal so maintain a relaxed and friendly disposition if size, color, price, brand etc are becoming an issue for the customer. Acknowledge their feelings and offer solutions (less expensive model, have them try on a smaller size, see if we can get a different color from another store etc). 
  • Listen for opportunities to provide additional information offered on classes, training, events, nutrition beyond the shoes themselves. Having a meaningful conversation with the customer will generate these opportunities.
  • Don't rush them to the register once a fitting is complete- point out the sale area, or lead them to products that could help other areas of their running life.
  • Collect as much personal info as you can during check out and explain the loyalty program.
  • Thank them for shopping local and express interest in seeing them again at the store or an upcoming event.

Floor Maintenance

  • Picking up boxes
  • Racking Shoes
  • Cleaning
  • Opening Procedures
    • Fire up RICS on front computers for early bird customers.
    • Count the cash drawers to make sure it matches $330
    • Make sure store is clean and ready for customers, clean as needed.
    • Re-merchandise and re-organize/re-hang all apparel. Be sure that we have full size runs of everything out on the floor and everything is neat.
    • Restock all back stock and make notes of items, apparel and accessories that we are low on or need to order. (Write on store whiteboard or designated area in your store)
    • Check in, voucher, tag, UPC all shipments and check for special orders. Call and rack special orders (SO).
    • Rack or Call all transfer items that have been dropped off from other stores.
    • Pull all Arrived and Contacted and match item with SO form. Call again if they have not been called in a week. Rack if this is the third time calling them and the item was NOT pre paid.
    • Pull all Pending that is over a week old to follow up. See all notes on form before pulling. Contact vendor and track down pending item.
    • Run through any and all style reports that may have not been completed.
    • Organize shoe racks and closets. Get everything in order and all shoes off the floor. Make sure new shoe styles are out on wall. (Men’s size 10 an lower, Women’s size 8 and lower)
    • Make sure all returns are clean and RA forms are filled out and filed.
  • Closing Procedures
    • Vacuum entire store including rugs, office and behind cash wrap.
    • Turn off all lights at closing time and bring in any outside A-frames/mannequins
    • Clean up of all trash, food, and water bottles.
    • Take out all recycling and trash in office bathrooms and store floor.
    • Make sure store is neat before leaving, apparel, shoe wall, back stock, and bathrooms need to be clean and organized.
    • All current shoes and colors on the shoe wall.
    • Close out both drawers, prepare deposit and put in back office.  This should be done by the floor manager for the night.  One person should do both registers.  
    • Turn off music receiver in back.
    • Adjust AC/Heat before leaving if not already set.
    • Leave a detailed note of any unfinished business
    • Lock doors first then set alarm and have a good night!

Back Room

Shoe Organization

  • All shoes are organized by the following
    • Men’s/Women’s
    • Brand
    • Neutral, Stability, Motion Control
    • Smallest to largest
  • Do not be lazy, always put shoes back where they should belong
  • If your store has racks where shoes live behind other shoes, pull them forward when racks become less full.

Back Stock

  • Apparel
    • Always hang apparel in size order by apparel piece
    • Should be facing the same way
    • Primary logo showing
  • Accessories
    • Label boxes clearly with what is inside
    • Backstock accessories together by brand and in size order.


  • Take product with you onto floor
  • Restock what you can
  • Leave backstock better organized then when you found it.
  • If you see that we need something – write a note don’t just let it go


  • After merchandise is returned
  • Fill out RA form with ALL information
  • Place RA form in folder (or place designated by store)
  • Place RA merchandise where it should go
  • Keep RA area clean (this can get messy quickly)

Special Orders

  • Whenever possible, please try to sell from stock!!!
  • Please fill out the special order form COMPLETELY and initial it so we know who took the order.  Have the customer fill out their information. Check the form before they leave to ensure legibility.
  • Make sure you ask the customer if they would like to pay first.
  • Put the completed special order form in the “special order” folder in the “orders to be placed” area.
  • Managers will place the orders and assign a PO and will put the order in the “pending special orders” folder by the register.
  • When the order is in, please call the customer ASAP, write date contacted and your initials on the SO form, move the item to the SO area in your store with the name CLEARLY written on the hold tag, and move the order form to the “Arrived and Contacted” folder/binder by the register.
  • When the item is purchased, please cross out form and put it in the “Completed” folder by the register.

Apparel Merchandising & Maintenance


  • All apparel should be arranged by size, small to large, left to right or front to back.  
  • All hangers should be facing the same direction.
  • Apparel should have the following quantities.  All extras should go in back stock.
    • Women’s XS (1), S(2), M(2), L(1), XL(1)
    • Men’s S(1), M(2), L(2), XL (1)
  • When hanging larger sizes, tuck the waist band into the hanger clip so that they all look a similar size.
  • Pants hung sideways properly – no clips showing.
  • Hanging apparel should be organized and hung properly every night.
Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.11.08 AM.png

Racks and Walls

  • Are all the products hung correctly?  Straight on hangers, sized on racks, hangers evenly space on bar?
  • Are all zippers zipped?
  • Are like product/styles together.  (Merchandise by style, and color within style)
  • Are hangers facing the right way?

Respect the apparel

  • Do not throw apparel around
  • Apparel can get dirty and look bad
  • If apparel gets dirty do not just ignore it…clean with a baby wipe or wet towel
  • If you see something that needs to be cleaned (i.e. makeup on a shirt) clean it.
  • When transferring apparel between stores, always take off the hangers and fold neatly

Cleaning Racks

  • You can always dust the large apparel racks (i.e. Under Armour racks) they need to be done weekly.
  • Wipe down/Dust slat wall bars.

Part 4 Completion

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