Part 3: RICS (POS System)

How to do a basic customer transaction

At the main POS screen you will see three tabs directly under the words “Enter Sale” You will go through all three tabs to complete the sale.

Ticket Header – where you add customer information. 

  • To add a new customer hit the new customer button and the following screen will pop up.
  • Enter customer information just like we have always done. You must add the customers’ gender to save and close.
  • Under account number you can hit generate and it will give you a customer number or you can add a phone number as the account number for easy look up.  
  • If customer is in system already.  Hit the magnifying glass next to the word customer.  Search by last name and all customers by that last name will come up.  Double click on the name or hit select to select the name.  
  • If the customer is returning, but his or her information is incomplete, please click “customer management” and complete.
  • Once Customer is in the customer field to change information or look up history hit either Customer Management or Purchase History to look up information. 

Ticket Details Tab - Next step is to hit the Ticket Detail Tab to enter items they are purchasing.

  • There is a tab for Transaction type.
    • If it is a regular transaction you do not need to change transaction type.
    • See other sheets for different types of transactions.
  • Put your cursor in the UPC field to scan items and change any of the necessary information for example any discounts.
  • You must hit add item after each scan in Baltimore and Columbia.
  • If you need to search for an item hit the magnifying glass next to the SKU field or enter the items SKU numbers to find the right item.
    • If you search for an item and it has a size attached to it you must select a size or the price will remain $0.00.  
    • To select size go to COL to select size and Row if necessary to add things like pant length or wide/narrow width shoes.  
    • Once added hit the add item button.
  • Once all your items are entered you are ready to go to the Ticket Payment Tab.

Payment Tab – How you take payment

  • Hit the Ticket Payment Tab
  • This is where you select payment type.
  • Select the type of payment they are using for this transaction.  I.e. Cash or Credit.  Once you have selected type you will see your type next to an amount.  If they are doing a split transaction change the dollar amount next to the type of payment.  
  • You can then select another type of payment method.
  • To end the sale hit End Sale at the bottom and receipt will print.

How to purchase a gift card

  • Enter customer purchasing gift card in the Ticket Header Tab
  • Go to the Ticket Details Tab and Select Gift Card Internal from the drop down menu.
  • Scan gift card or enter gift card number in the gift card number field
  • Enter gift card amount
  • Enter name of person the gift card is being purchased for
  • HitAdd Item
  • Go to Ticket Payment – and finish transaction

How to Redeem a Gift Card

  • Enter customer and items as usual in the Ticket Header and Ticket Details fields then go to Ticket Payment
  • Select Gift Card payment method
  • Scan or enter gift card number in the gift card field.
  • RICS will change the tender amount to the value of the gift card. If the gift card amount is less than the purchase amount RICS will create another tender field. If the gift card amount is greater than the purchase amount, the amount will reflect the purchase amount and the remaining balance will be printed on the receipt.
  • Finish transaction like a normal multiple payment transaction. 


  • From the Ticket Header look at top right for "Reprint Ticket"
  • Select the ticket from most recent tickets to be reprinted
  • For older tickets click Older Tickets and use parameters to isolate the ticket in need
  • Once ticket is selected you can reprint the ticket itself or check the Gift Slip box at the bottom
  • Gift Slips can be issued for an entire ticket or split for individual items
  • To recall a ticket using the gift slip, use the ticket number in the top right of the gift slip to reprint the original ticket and credit or exchange items at same discounts they were purchased.

How to Look Up Inventory

  • Go to the Inventory Inquiry tab at the top of the POS screen.  
  • To look up inventory either scan or type in sku details.
  • If you do not know details and would like to search hit the look up button.  
  • A green section will appear on the top of the screen.  You can search in any of those ways.
  • Once you have found your item hit the select button on the left hand side.  This will display item specific information.
  • On hand quantity for your store should be at the bottom of the page.
  • To look up another stores inventory just make sure your primary search drop down is set to “selected stores on hand.” Scroll down and check for that stores number and what they are showing on hand.
  • To get back to the POS screen – hit the “Return to POS” button on the top right corner of the screen.

How to Print Tags

  • You need to be in the internet portion of RICS.  
  • Go to Inventory – Labels – Enter Stock Labels
  • Search for the items you would like to print tags for and select the quantity of tags.
  • Hit Save & Print Tags
  • You now need to go to Inventory – Labels – Print Stock Labels.  
  • Find labels you entered, select them and hit Print Labels.  
  • You can use the search field to find your labels or sort by date. You must click the date two times to get the most recent labels.
  • Be sure the proper printer is selected and also “show all labels.”

How to Receive New Merchandise

  • You must be in the internet based back-end of RICS.  
  • Open the shipped box and confirm all items match the vendors packing list. Alert your manager if there is any discrepancy.
  • Make sure you are at your stores level to receive merchandise.
  • Go to Inventory – Receiving – Receive Purchase Orders
  • Enter the PO number if you have it. Use the percent (%) sign followed by a portion of the PO number if you want RICS to look it up. If you cannot find a PO number search different combinations. Do not just receive without PO.
  • Once the PO Number is pulled up, go to the Scanning tab.  
  • Scan each individual item making sure each item scans correctly and the quantity scanned matches the product you received. If a UPC is not found put that item to the side and contact a manager.
  • Once all items are scanned hit “Received Scanned Items” if you do not need to print stickers.  If you do need to print stickers hit “Receive & Print Labels”
  • Once you have scanned items and received them.  You can move on to a different screen.   Do not hit “Clear PO” or “Close PO”, simply move to another screen.
  • Make sure all new merchandise makes it on the floor ASAP and all new shoe styles and colors are represented on the shoe wall.

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