Community Responsibility

We serve 3 communities: our customers, our employees and our place.  

To our Customer, we promise customer service second-to-none, a quality fit, some knowledge and some inspiration.  We need to help you get there.  We should throw in a few laughs too.

To our Charm City Run people, we owe them the opportunity to be great. We owe them honesty. We owe them pay and great benefits. We owe them our thanks and appreciation. We owe them the opportunity to work hard and dare mighty things. We offer them the opportunity to inspire another human being every day one sole at a time.

To our Place: we need to do better. Baltimore deserves better and we have to find a way to serve our community where others have failed. We need to create more jobs than we have created.  We need to inspire more people through running and beyond. We have made Baltimore a better place but we have not done enough. Through events that Charm City Run manages, we help to raise over $500,000 a year for local non-profits. We donate over $90,000 a year to local environmental non-profits. We invest in programs like Girls on the Run to empower children with less means through running. Have you ever seen the smile on a child crossing a finish line? It never gets old. Help us inspire, help our place. Challenge us and yourself to do better.