NovaCare dorsaVi Running Analysis

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Charm City Run has partnered with NovaCare Rehabilitation, a leading provider of physical therapy, to help you improve performance and prevent injury by measuring exactly how YOU move when you run, with the dorsaVi Running Analysis.

About the dorsaVi Running Analysis

This cutting-edge technology uses revolutionary wireless wearable sensors to evaluate and measure a range of running metrics, including ground reaction forces on each leg, acceleration /deceleration, ground contact time and cadence critical to injury prevention and improving performance. NovaCare’s licensed physical therapists and running specialists use this information along with video gait analysis and clinical examination to identify a corrective plan to help you run more efficiently and prevent orthopaedic injury.

Your in-store running analysis involves a 20-30 minute dorsaVi running assessment with wearable sensors conducted on our store treadmill and a brief video and corrective plan based on your results.

Your session also includes a fusionetics test. Fusionetics takes your analysis to another level by identifying faulty movements that contribute to poor running form and injury with the dorsaVi running assessment. The combination of this information gives us a more detailed picture of where your issues lie and the corrective plan to achieve your goals.

Dates & Locations

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Fells point

january 5th

DorsaVi Running Analysis in Fells Point 1/5
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Bel air

january 12th


janaury 26th


DorsaVi Running Analysis in Bel Air 1/12
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