Michele Mueller

Where do I begin? My sister once said that it is impossible to describe me in words….you simply have to “experience” me. So, let me give this a try….

When I first began running in 2009, I was extremely over-weight. I walked/ran (okay….mostly walked!) the various 5k’s I entered.

When I finally ran my first 5k (Run to Remember 2010) a year and a half later, it took me almost an hour. I may have been one of the last to cross the finish line, but I was a winner in my mind. The support I received from the various coaches and fellow runners was amazing. They always accepted me for who I was….not an over-weight person….but someone working towards a goal.

After that race I made some major changes in my life….. Since then I have lost more than 100lbs. I ran that same race a year later (Run to Remember 2011) and finished in less than 35 minutes! Then six months later (at the urging of my Charm City Run 5k Coach at the time), I ran my first half marathon. Since then I have run many 5k’s, 10k’s, 10-milers, half marathons, and I am thrilled to say that in the Fall of 2015 I completed my first FULL MARATHON! I was one of the last  100 people to cross the Baltimore Running Festival finish line, but I DID IT! This was by far the hardest thing I have ever accomplished. I keep saying that third to my wedding day and death of my father, I have never felt so much love and support in my entire life and this was thanks to my family, friends and everyone I have met through Charm City Run.

I tell people this because I want them to know where I have come from. My journey wasn’t an easy one. But I pushed through it. If I could do it….there is no reason that someone else can’t. Running is truly a mental thing….your biggest obstacle is yourself. Once you can learn to fight past your own thoughts and pain….the rest is easy!

I wish I could bottle up the feelings I had when I crossed that Marathon finish line: the feeling of achieving something I NEVER thought was possible…that feeling of love and support. I am here to tell you that EVERYONE deserves these feelings. As a running coach, my number one goal is to help everyone feel what I felt that day.

My coaching philosophy is a simple one: I can’t promise our training will be easy, but I can promise it will be fun!

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