Meghan Murphy


A year after I gave birth to my son, I stumbled upon a training program flyer for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k. The beneficiary of the race was a gynecological cancer patient support nonprofit, and having a mother who recently survived stage IV ovarian cancer, I gave the flyer a second look.  I had long lost my athletic drive, I had given over my body to birthing a child and all that came with it that year following.  Something inside of me encouraged me to show up to the first training session.  Wearing all cotton and old sneakers, I began the journey that would change my life in ways I never saw coming. In the years since, I’ve found myself at the finish line of half marathons, full marathons, 50ks and even 50 miles. I’ve run across the Grand Canyon, I’ve seen bald eagles flying over the Susquehanna and experienced many a sun rise in the early morning training runs.  Running has helped mold my endurance, taught me how to cultivate my patience and become a therapeutic and healing form of exercise.  I’ve learned how to push beyond the boundaries I once believed held me back.   All of these experiences wouldn’t have been possible without a training group, my coaches, and the fellow athletes I’ve met through Charm City Run. 

I am excited to find myself on the other side of the training program, as a coach.  I want to help you reach your goals; if it’s to shave time off of your half marathon, or to simply cross the finish line upright and unassisted.  We will work together, alongside all the other runners in the group, to help you get there, one step at a time.