Marie Bolton

accessories manager & Coach

Marie moved to Baltimore in the summer of 2007 and was introduced to Charm City Run almost immediately.  She was training for her first half marathon and met CCR training participants at the NCR trail her first weekend in town.  She loved every minute of the experience and the positive vibe the group created.  She went from participant to coach in 2008 and then started working full time in 2009 as a Timonium store manager alongside Katie Heyl.  In 2010 she opened the Clarksville store where she managed that store for 2 years.  In 2010 she moved back to the Timonium store and launched Charm City Run Training at all of the locations.  In 2015, Marie opened our new women's lifestyle boutique, VITA in Belvedere Square.

Marie has a passion for getting people active and outdoors and loves the Charm City Run mission “to inspire and move the human spirit on sole at a time”.  When not working she can usually be found running through the woods or training for some kind of endurance event. 

Contact Marie at marie@charmcityrun.com.