Kevin Russell

I got into running a couple different times.  I first jogged with my mom back when jogging was a new weight loss thing.  I ran some in high school just as something to do on snowy roads.  I took a jogging PE class in college and ran to stay in shape for soccer.  It was after I tore my ACL playing soccer (and after surgery and rehab) that I started to run as an activity in itself.  I trained hard for my first marathon and qualified for Boston but after a few years came to the realization that I wasn't about to get much faster.  That left longer.  I did the HAT Run 50k and really enjoyed the difference.  Training to do longer distances, I've done a total of three 50ks, two 100ks, and a 74-miler.  I'd like to help other people get the free feeling of being outdoors and running in the woods for fun and challenge, not just to try to shave a few seconds off a PR time.

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