Katrina McGowan

An athlete, and always a runner, Katrina comes to Charm City Run with over 15 years of running experience. Originally from Ellicott City, she played Division I lacrosse and graduated from Penn State before coming back and setting up permanent shop in Charm City. Since that time she has continued to build her running and triathlon resume while combining it with the two other loves of her life, eating and traveling! Highlights have included marathons in Paris, Boston, Bar Harbor, Big Sur, Vegas, and most recently the North Face 50 miler in DC. This year will be no different and Katrina will travel to Asheville, NC for a marathon and later this year, a 100 miler in Colorado.

Running has always been apart of Katrina’s life because of the challenge it brings; emotionally, physically, and mentally. The most fun part of coaching is being able to push people beyond their limits and watch the journey unfold right before your eyes. Previously a manager of The Ulman Cancer Fund’s Team Fight and a past coach for Charm City Run’s 10k program, Katrina is excited for what 2015 brings. Let’s run!

To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Steve Prefontaine