Kathy Logsdon

manager, fells point

I first began running in the summer of 2010 and by the time summer of 2011 came around I was hooked! I helped coach for the BWC, ran two races a month and coerced my friends into running the Baltimore Half with me. Running made me happy and helped me feel whole. Then as life likes to do, changes and an array of life stresses popped up. Year by year time seemed to be sucked up by everyone and everything else. I didn’t see it at first, but I had lost my feeling of wholeness and running had faded into the backdrop. I didn’t know how to fully get it back. I kept telling myself “just start running again”. Easier said than done. This time around I couldn’t motivate myself. I couldn’t get past the feeling of defeat. It was starting over and I was hung up on the “starting” portion.

Lucky for me I worked at Charm City Run on the nights and mornings that the 2015 10k Across the Bay Training Group met. Challenged but happy faces would appear after running hill repeats. Witnessing that group was my inspiration.

After four years of not running or being able to finish two miles, I joined one of CCR’s training groups and was able to “start running”. I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by the best in coaching, running, and genuine all around good human beings. I’m taking what they’ve taught me and sharing it with others who may be stuck at the starting point, like I was. All things are possible. We just have to start together.