The 2018 Hero Campaign

Congratulations to this year's winners -

Sarah Mattos & Mike Jones!


The Run to Remember was founded in 2002 to honor the extraordinary heroism, commitment and sacrifice of the victims, survivors and rescuers of the events of 9/11. Since then, the race has raised more than $400,000 for the Baltimore City Police Foundation and Baltimore City Fire Foundation. The organizations assist families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty and we proudly support them.

For the 4th year, we are running the Hero Campaign - a way to recognize the individuals who are everyday heroes in our lives - sponsored by Mizuno. We know there are individuals out there who do great things each and every day keeping our communities safe and inspiring many to be the best they can be. We think it's time to say "thanks."   

The finalists

Read the nominations for our five finalists below and then scroll down to vote for a winner once per day.


SARAH mattos

I met Sarah during the Columbia Training Group for the 10k Across the Bay. We had an instant connection and helped motivate each other as our runs became progressively longer.

Sarah is a Baltimore City Public Schools social worker. During our runs I heard so many stories that could make someone else jaded or even break them very quickly. Not Sarah. It's clear that she has only her students and their best interests at heart, despite (and because of!) the everyday challenges she encounters.

In addition to her day job, Sarah also helped start a Girls on the Run program at her school, where she coached as well as solicited donations for her participants so they had proper shoes and attire.
Sarah doesn't stop in the summer time. She has volunteered for the last several years at Camp Connect, an initiative that for one week brings together foster siblings that otherwise don't get to spend time together. She recruited my husband and he still talks about the experience and is looking forward to returning.

Outside of her social work endeavors, Sarah is friendly to everyone she meets and is always looking to try new things.

I'm so glad that Charm City Run brought us together, and that our community has such an amazing asset!

MIKE jones

Without a doubt, Mike Jones is my hero and one to anyone who meets him.  He has a love of people and always wants to not only help them but motivate them to be their best. He owns BMS-FIT in Jessup, MD where he combines a physical with a spiritual workout.  This is a ministry and passion for him and it's completely free.

Mike is a Maryland State trooper but he helps people on his own time whenever he sees a need. Recently we had a lot of rain. He stopped in the middle of a street during a big storm and started pulling a downed tree apart limb by limb, until he could pull it to the side.  Once he saw three homeless men on the side of the road, went into 7-11, and came out with three bags of drinks and snacks for each one, as he talked with them to see how they were doing.  These are just two examples, but I know his heart, and know that he seeks to help people every day of his life and be a beacon of hope and light to them.

He also has a burden in his heart for the needy in Baltimore and will soon be forming a non-profit to reach out to them to help.  I cannot think of a person more worthy to receive this recognition."

TRACY anderson

Tracy is my mother, a mother of 5. She is a hero for me and my siblings because she has been a single mother our whole life. She has always pushed us to be better and do better. She has been nothing short of supportive and a fighter for me and my siblings, 3 of which are autistic. My mother is also a hero for the community. She is a hard working fire fighter for Baltimore, constantly putting her life on the line for others. Words cannot describe how much of a hero my mother is. Not only because she’s my mom, but because she’s a fighter.

LARA cooper

Lara Cooper is a single mother, and an 18 year member of the United States Coast Guard. She is a Baltimore native and she is currently stationed at the Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center, where she assists in getting mission criical parts out to the fleet, which keeps them operational. When she’s not in uniform, she’s an integral member of the Arbutus Golden Eagles Football and Cheer program, where she coaches the 10-U team, spending upwards of 8 hours a week at the field. She also serves on the A.G.E. Board, helping to improve the league and provide a safe outlet for the youth in the area. As if her time weren’t short enough, she is also actively obtaining her Masters in Business Administration through American Military University. She’s an avid runner, having competed in several races over the past year plus, ranging in distance from a 5K all the way up to a full marathon (Gettysburg). She does all this, and successfully balances a home life, where she’s an outstanding mother to her 3 and 6 year old daughters.

SCOTT legore

Mr. Legore is one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met. He is constantly helping others and making sure everyone’s wants/needs are fulfilled before his own. He’s hardworking, kind, and always going above and beyond for his friends and family. He stepped up to a father roll to my older brother and myself when he married my mom over 20 years ago. Since then he has been more than a “step-dad,” he filled the role with honor and pride. On September 11, 2001 he made no hesitation to help those in need when he got called into work. He was (and still is) employeed by the fire department at National and Dulles airports and at the time was a firefighter/paramedic who was needed at the pentagon. Our family was on their way to ocean city for a police convention for my grandfather when he received word that he needed to head to work. With no hesitation he turned the car around, dropped us off at hone, and headed to the fire station. Although we didn’t hear from him for what seemed like forever, he worked hard to put the fire out and rescue those who needed it. My dad is one of the greatest people I know who always takes passion in his career and personal life and does everything he can to ensure he is the best co-worker, husband, father, and recently grandfather. I admire the man he is and look up to him as a role model in hopes I can be just as good of a parent and person that he is.