"Find Your Strong"


Finding my strong came in 2005 while training for my first marathon. During a warm 16 mile training run I was admiring a cardinal and suddenly became overwhelmed with pride, joy, and a sense of accomplishment. I allowed myself to stay in that moment and explore the feelings a bit further and moments later my eyes were full of tears. This was the moment I found my STRONG. Each week on the pavement I was crushing barriers and gaining more insight about me and my strength and fortitude. For years I had been going to church, praying, listening to the sermon, and declaring my faith, but it was on the pavement through movement that I became acutely aware of the awesome God that lives within us! When you realize that this infinite spirit resides in you, you have no other choice than to act, look and BE STRONG!! Yup that day I declared the pavement my tabernacle, and each visit thereafter, I have become STRONGER in mind, body and soul.

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