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live. give. run.

In 2013, we donated over $150,000. Over half of those funds are committed to Maryland Based Environmental non-profits through our 1% for the Planet commitment. The remaining funds are spread across a multiple of terrific organizations, but in general Charm City Run is focused on kids, moving and first responders. Thanks for helping us to inspire and move the human spirit one sole at a time.

1% for the Planet accomplishes several objectives for us.  We are part of an international group tied together by our focus on environmental relief.  1% is 1%.  The math is perfect and although 1% of sales is a lot especially for a retailer, we like the responsibility.  Lastly, we give all local so although 1% for the Planet is an international organization all Charm City Run donations stay local.  If we ask you to shop local, shouldn't we give local?  Thanks for making this awesome donation possible!

Patuxent River Keeper
Assateauge Coastal Trust
Oyster Recovery
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Irvine Nature Center
Blue Water Baltimore
Planet Aid
Severn River Keeper
Trees for the Future
Parks and People Foundation
ChesapeakeClimate Action Network
Midshore River Keepers

For more information on 1% for the Planet, please visit their website:

The Environment is important to us as it should be to everyone.  One of the best benefits of having a business is that you get to craft the image and culture of your business in the community that it serves.  This is a wonderful opportunity and an enormous responsibility.  To be honest, it is sometimes inefficient and very costly to do the right thing.  However, it is irresponsible to do anything else but our very best. We will lead by example.  We will:


  • Continue to use post-use recycled brown shopping bags which cost on the average 5 -20 times as much as regular shopping bags

  • Ask you if you want a bag

  • Keep the floor temperature 1 degree higher (in the summer) and 1 degree lower (in the winter) on average.  If you would like us to turn it down or up, please ask.

  • Recycle all paper products including all footwear shipping boxes, all shoe boxes left here and paper that we use

  • Recycle all bottles and cans

  • Buy only recycled paper for our printers

  • Recycle all footwear.  We are proud members of "Souls for Souls" and donate used shoes to the homeless, refugees abroad and other third world countries.  Anything that cannot be donated, the rubber is recycled to create more running tracks both locally and nationally.

  • Continue to make an apparel donation to Goodwill at the end of each calendar year.


We see a lot of runners and know that there is a lot of waste going on at running events in and around the area. As part of all Charm City Run events we will:

  • Provide more water in coolers and less bottled water.  Please hydrate as usual but when you go for seconds and thirds, please fill up at the coolers.

  • We will have large recycle bins for bottles and cans, please throw only these items in the bins.

  • Continue to ask you to register online as frequently as possible

  • Reduce the number of brochures that we print on an annual basis

  • Ask you if you are picking up multiple packets for a race and if we can stuff race materials all in one bag.

Charm City Run