Ed Purpura

10K coach, ANNAPOLIS

Running has been an important part of my life for years. I am an experienced runner and I have dedicated much of my life to coaching individuals to achieve their running goals.  

In 1977 my coaching career began as a high school cross country coach. My knowledge covers a vast span of running from sprint training, to marathon and triathlon training. I have coached one Olympian, two-all-Americans, and many state champions. Over my years of coaching high school students I have found the most important aspect of coaching is to be a positive influence in the athlete's life. I have coached thousands of runners now, and when something goes badly, or not the way they expected, so many of them use that to confirm all the negative things they already feel about themselves. Many times a positive coach is the only positive person in a vast wasteland of negativity for a high school kid, not only in athletics, but in so many phases of their life.  Your positivity and your belief in them can change their world.  It did mine. 

My outlook is always positive and full of optimism. Training will be difficult but you are going to enjoy it!