Eating for Wellness

Learn how to make educated and empowered choices for a healthy and sustainable diet.

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If you’re ready to optimize your diet and lifestyle for long-term health, great energy and lasting weight loss, this program is for you.  During this four week session you will meet once a week at Charm City Run Baltimore - Locust Point with Certified Health Coach Lauren Shafer to set goals, cover a new topic and discuss progress and challenges.

The greatest benefit of the program is the support and accountability, not just from your health coach, but from the other members of your group. Join this fun and supportive program and take the first steps toward transforming your health and your relationship with food.

You do not need to be a walker or a runner to join this program!

This program will start May 3rd and end May 31st.


You Should Join This Program If...

  • You are new to health and fitness.
  • You want to commit to making healthier lifestyle choices.
  • You are looking for a practical solution for sustainable weight management.
  • Your 2017 New Year's Resolution is to improve your diet and health.
  • You are a beginner runner or walker and want to supplement your activity with balanced nutrition.

You wilL:

  • Learn what a healthy diet is.

  • Identify the habits and environmental factors that impact the way we eat.

  • Acquire practical skills for shopping for, ordering and preparing healthful meals.

  • Learn how to build lasting healthy habits.

  • Understand different lifestyles from paleo to vegan.

  • Develop healthy stress management techniques.

  • Set and evaluate your weekly goals.

  • Add practical materials to your wellness folder each week.


Eating for Wellness
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Dates & Times

Baltimore - Locust Point

First Session: May 3rd at 6:30pm

Other Meeting Dates: May 10th, May 24th and May 31st (note: this program will not meet May 17th)

Meeting Times: Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8pm


Meet Your health coach


Lauren shafer, certified health coach

Lauren is a certified Health Coach who helps busy Baltimoreans articulate their health + wellness goals, and make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes for lasting transformation. Through her private coaching practice Live Full, she has been fostering new healthy habits in men, women and families since 2013. Though she would never be described as athletic in her youth, Lauren started running as an adult, begrudgingly at first, until she discovered she actually enjoyed it. Now a marathoner and ultra-marathoner, you’ll frequently find Lauren running on roads and trails with her husband and dog Osita. To learn more about Lauren, click here.



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