Cynthia Vissers

Columbia coach


Hi, I’m Cynthia!

I’m excited to be a part of the CCR coaching team after being in the store and leading fun runs for the last few years. Running has been a part of my life since middle and high school. I was on the track team and had an incredible coach who turned a lanky kid into an athlete. I then attended Winthrop University on a scholarship for hurdling. Unfortunately, after three years I had to walk away from running due to many injuries. After graduation, I taught middle school physical education and also coached track. I loved bringing out the best in those kids!

My husband’s job took us from North Carolina to San Diego, and I trained for my first 5K using a Couch to 5K plan with the encouragement of a friend. What started out as a way to find myself again in the midst of being a single parent while my husband was deployed, turned into a rediscovery of my love of running. Each time I laced up, I came back happier. I was hooked on long distance running.

After our next move to Virginia (my husband is now retired from the Marine Corps), I joined a training group at the local running store to train for my first half marathon. This was one of the best decisions I ever made for my running. It was wonderful to have a group of people to run with twice a week - and not have to juggle 3 kids too - and having a coach to help me get across that finish line. Since then, I have crossed numerous finish lines from 5k to half-marathon and one marathon.

Running is something I do for myself and not to myself. It’s a celebration of what I am able to do each day and each race. As someone who is living with cancer, I am grateful for each day I am able to move forward. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, just that you are able! I enjoy encouraging others to get moving when it can be challenging to fit in their busy lives and look forward to cheering you on to YOUR finish line!