Bobby Szabo

Being a soccer and baseball player my entire life, I always thought the purpose of running was a means to an end, whether it be to steal that extra base or sprint past the defender to score the game winning goal. I had done team relays in the past, but my focus was always on just making it to the end or running just fast enough to pass my competitor. I would say my running passion began after I completed the LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K. This was special because I was not only running as a cancer survivor but my family, who are not runners, decided to join me. With my family by my side, much like they were for many nights in the hospital, I felt a tremendous amount of pride and accomplishment as we crossed the finish line. At this point, I realized running was more than just making it to the end. It is a means to improve yourself physically and mentally. 

Joining the Charm City Run family as the Columbia 5K coach has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I have been able to get to share the idea of how running happy can truly lead to a healthy, positive outlook. 

My goal is to empower you to get the best out of yourself, with a little help along the way. My hope is to help you start your own running journey. Come join this great running community we are building in Howard County!