Calling All New Runners: Here's Some Helpful Advice!

Making the decision to take on running not only as a form of staying fit, but as a hobby can be intimidating. Whether you discovered your love for running at an early age, or decided to give it a shot later on in life, it is safe to say that some advice, and answered questions could have been very helpful to get you going in the beginning. 

Rain, Rain Go Away - Tips for Running in the Rain!

With lots and lots of rain in the forecast, and many of you heading into a races this weekend, here are some tips to get you through:

1.    Just accept you are going to be wet and set a positive mental attitude about it.

2.   Bring a few trash bags to the start to keep your body warm and dry (you can wrap your shoes too) until the race starts.

3.   Plan to wear tighter fitting clothes since they will be wet and prone to falling off/down or cause extra chaffing if they are too loose.

4.   BodyGlide everywhere you can including your feet– bring a travel sized glide and reapply right before the race starts.

5.    Put a dry set of clothes (including socks, sports bra if applicable, and dry shoes ) in a sealed ziplock bag into your gear check bag.

6.   Wear a brimmed cap or visor to keep rain off your face and out of your eyes.

7.   DRINK even though you may feel less inclined to do so since your are soaked already.  Stay on your hydration/nutrition plan.

8.   Avoid running any crazy lines/jumping puddles just to avoid a little splash (you are already wet!)– especially if you are in a crowded section of the race– it’ll do more harm than good and possibly injure you or a runner behind you.

9.   Have fun– you’ve trained all summer for this race– don’t let some rain drops get in the way of all your good work!

10.  Did I mention BodyGlide?

Updated: May 18th, 2018


A Baltimore native and graduate of NDP and University of Maryland in College Park, Deirdre bought her first pair of shoes from Charm City Run while home visiting Baltimore from her job training dolphins in the Florida Keys.  She became a part-time employee and full-time member of the Charm City Run family when she retuned to Baltimore and the National Aquarium in 2005.  She joined CCR full-time in 2011.  These days she trains CCR employees, runners, and pretends these skills help her handle her toddler son.

"Why I Run" by Josh Levinson

The run is very personal.  It is one of my best friends or better yet a family member.  I rarely share it with anyone else.  I was once reading a tri article (something I rarely do) and a professional tri-athlete was describing dreading a run and when he got back home he remembered a run is never a mistake and it always made the day better.  Running is selfish because I do it all alone.  It brings clarity to the day and makes a great day greater and more importantly a bad day much better.  I will do long runs with other people and my summer running is done with my son Ben.  That is pretty special.  No cell phones.  Sometimes we laugh.  Mostly we are quiet.  No matter what form it takes it is pretty great.  I also enjoy the run meeting, not with randoms, but with my guys (my guys are guys and girls).  It is a great way to catch up on one or two work things, but mostly catch up with them.