"Why I Run" by Josh Levinson

The run is very personal.  It is one of my best friends or better yet a family member.  I rarely share it with anyone else.  I was once reading a tri article (something I rarely do) and a professional tri-athlete was describing dreading a run and when he got back home he remembered a run is never a mistake and it always made the day better.  Running is selfish because I do it all alone.  It brings clarity to the day and makes a great day greater and more importantly a bad day much better.  I will do long runs with other people and my summer running is done with my son Ben.  That is pretty special.  No cell phones.  Sometimes we laugh.  Mostly we are quiet.  No matter what form it takes it is pretty great.  I also enjoy the run meeting, not with randoms, but with my guys (my guys are guys and girls).  It is a great way to catch up on one or two work things, but mostly catch up with them.